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What's the Point?

This is the personal blog of myself, David E. Pinero, a dreamer currently living in Buffalo. I have quite a few projects and online personas devoted to specific topics of interest, but this is where I long-form rant, often by regurgitating my more real-time online comments and posts elsewhere, and where I get truly personal.

The reason I "blog" as a seemingly lackluster and mundane guy with no wealth to speak of and no accomplishments of note, is to openly challenge the commercial evolution of the web and inspire others to keep doing the same.

I love bullet lists and if I had to bullet the outcomes of my example that I would like to see, they would rack up something like this:

  • Ad-free blogs and personal websites would once again flourish and begin inter-linking with each other as they once did (or if I'm wrong about them ever being ad-free, as they can)
  • Blogs and personal websites would comfortably exist without having to exist on mobile devices - hence my promotion of the desktop web concept

The World Wide Web Was Taken Away

One trigger for how I feel and why I develop these arguments is that I firmly believe the great human-to-human web did not "accidentally" die in some population preference for feeds and Facebook-like social media platforms. Rather, it was eclipsed by a messy and monstrous commercialized dynamic that pretends to reflect the "preference of the people" when in fact it promotes a souless "flow of the people" who are unaware of the sacrifice.

I do not believe people preferred to have the great publishing equalizer ripped from them to be gradually supplanted by Big Tech agendas that seek to monetize and control basic human attention while killing off any vestige of the original web that allowed them do otherwise outside the profit sphere.

Personal websites and blogs are the original social media, which are bound by hyperlinks that send web visitors to new design expressions and the free-form perspectives of their authors.


I arrange my content into "pages and categories".

"Pages" adopt the subject matter of full-blown websites that I once operated as distinct websites in their own presentational framework. Generally this means a single landing page with links to any associated social media channels along with some abstract, along with a link to a blog category of entries. This consolidation of my many web pages turned out to be necessary for economic reasons, but also because the overhead of maintaining multiple presentations was too much (which meant frequently that I didn't).

"Categories" are the traditional tags as you may understand them, associated with each of my entries. My pages use them as mentioned, but I have many others which you will find in a list to the right. For a description of my key categories, you can refer to my category explainer page.

Mixed into this blog with the content describing the dry events of my personal life are the drip-dropped arguments and attempts to compare and contrast the new sanitized commercially-slanted web to the liberating and powerful old one. My point is not that cryptic or difficult to understand, nor is it particularly novel. But even so, people have forgotten, and I aim to reverse that loss.

You can follow the blog via RSS if you like, which would be your first step of defiance and your first act of alliance, if you did.

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